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أفضل الطهاة

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قم بزيارة العالم  من الشمال إلى الجنوب

Relais Signature | THE OCEAN


A grandious fine-dining Michelin experience in Portugal with the dining room’s breath-stealing Atlantic views.The restaurant opened in 2007, with Hans Neuner as Executive Chef. Two years later, it earned its first Michelin star, and in 2011, the second. Menus are designed to showcase the finest local ingredients and produce, change with the seasons.

Relais Signature | LE MOUT


Le Moût is a highlight of Taiwan’s gastronomic scene. Situated in the heart of bustling Taichung, the restaurant has garnered international praise since launching. 



After several months of refurbishing, the Plaza Athénée hotel has reopened its doors and with it, the restaurant « Alain Ducasse au Plaza Athénée ». Here, Alain Ducasse tells a personal and radical story, continuing the work he began twenty-five years ago.

Relais Signature | TETSUYA'S


Tetsuya’s serves a degustation menu. The degustation is unique, based on the Japanese philosophy of using natural seasonal flavours, enhanced by classic French technique and utilising the freshest possible ingredients.

Relais Signature | LA DAME DE PIC


In this Parisian address, gourmet menus are chosen thanks to evocative fragrances, served in a sober and elegant setting. Anne-Sophie PIC

Relais Signature | THE FRENCH LAUNDRY


Chef Thomas Keller’s technique has become so famous that Pixar studios asked him to create the ratatouille featured at the end of the film “Ratatouille”. In the heart of Napa Valley, this emblematic three-star Chef, whose restaurant Per Se is a New York culinary landmark, has created one of California’s finest dining spots. 

Relais Signature | KONG HANS


Since the birth of Restaurant Kong Hans Kælder in 1976 the restaurant has aimed to be among the finest and best in Denmark. Located in the oldest building in Copenhagen. Gothic arches, constructed more than half a millennium ago, lend the restaurant its medieval atmosphere. 

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مطعم جاي سافوي ، فرنسا

Monnaie de Paris "فن الطهو يترك بصمته على العالم" "لقد حدث في عالم فن الطهو على مدى العشرين عامًا الماضية أكثر مما حدث في الألفي عام التي سبقتهم."

ريلايس سيغنتشر | 

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تيت ، هونغ كونغ ، الصين

الشيف فيكي لاو

الطبخ وتقديم طبق يشبه إهداء هدية ثمينة لعملائي. بصفتنا طاهٍ ، نلعب دورًا متواضعًا في تكريم وتقدير المكونات المعطاة لنا.

ريلايس سيغنتشر | 

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شاتو نيركان ، هولندا

الشيف جيلبرت فون بيرج


ثلاثون عامًا من التقاليد الثقافية والطهوية

ريلايس سيغنتشر | 

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هاروما ، إسبانيا

الشيف ماريو ساندوفال

فندق هيريتيدج مدريد

مطبخ صحي ومستدام بمكونات محلية من صغار المنتجين .

ريلايس سيغنتشر | 

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إليفن ماديسون بارك ، نيويورك ، الولايات المتحدة الأمريكية

الشيف دانيال هام

أفضل 50 مطعمًا في العالم ، رقم 4 مطعم في العالم

نيويورك تايمز ، أربع نجوم

دليل ميشلان ، ثلاث نجوم

متفرج النبيذ ، الجائزة الكبرى

جوائز جيمس بيرد

رئيس الطهاة المتميز ، الخدمة المتميزة ، 
طاهي المعجنات المتميز ، مطعم متميز ،
أفضل طاه: مدينة نيويورك ، خدمة النبيذ المتميزة ، الطاهي الصاعد

ريلايس سيغنتشر | 

المزيد من الأخبار!




Relais Signature World | Bellemore Chicago

2018 One of the best restaurants in USA

The restaurant design impresses right upon entry. The well-open dining room is repleted with curved old leather banquettes, high mirrors behind the bar, a capricious mural on the far wall, and an open kitchen insert in the corner. Within the proposal to presents an American kitchen with a French touch they have teamed up with Chef Jimmy Papadoulos, formerly of Bohemian House, where he performed surgery on eastern-European food.

Relais Signature World | Chateau Neercanne

2018 One of the best restaurants in Netherlands

From its immense terrace, Château Neercanne reigns over the bucolic Jeker Valley. This historic château, built in 1698 by the governor of Maastricht as a venue for large receptions, is now a restaurant straddling the Belgian and Dutch borders, with a rich cultural and culinary heritage. Its two chefs, Hans Snijders and Gilbert von Berg, offer a concise yet sophisticated menu. Their French-inspired cuisine, which celebrates the best of seasonal produce, can be enjoyed in the elegant dining room of the gourmet restaurant. L'Auberge features charming vaulted ceilings and reserves its unique atmosphere for more informal lunchtime meals. And for an overnight stay in Maastricht, combine Château Neercanne with sister property Château St. Gerlach.

- Chef Gilbert von Berg

Relais Signature World | LA VAGUE D'OR


Awarded three Michelin stars, five toques and a rating of 19.5/20 by Gault & Millau, the restaurant La Vague d’Or invites guests on a magical journey between land and sea.The youngest chef awarded three stars by the coveted Michelin Guide, Arnaud Donckele indulges guests in a magical immersion into his gustatory universe.

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